Hoooo's The Best Mom? Wildlife Moms

As many of our supporters know, we have been working with Mahoosuc Land Trust in Bethel to renest two Great Horned Owlets. One of the babies fell out of their nest at Valentine Farm yesterday and one fell out this morning. Both were rescued and brought back to the clinic for hydration, a physical exam, rest and a delicious rodent buffet. Below is a picture of the first owlet as we approached. He (or she) is trying to scare us off by making himself look larger.

We were able togently pick the owlet up and give him a quick check before bringing him back to the clinic.

We were so lucky to have Barbara Murphy, Director of Development and Habitat For All Program at Mahoosuc Land Trust, her husband and phenomenal Birder Mike, and Mac Davis on hand to take these incredible photos and help look for the nest. They were able to find the owl nest in the tree and even spotted the mom. Check out her cool stare and incredible camouflauge!

We rescued the second baby owl this morning after a call from Barbara. Did they make it back to their Wildlife Mom? A hint - Evan's Tree Service to the Rescue! More to come...

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