Successful Renesting and Reuniting!

A big thank you to Evan and Keith from Evan's Tree Service and Mahoosuc Land Trust. We could not have helped the owlets get back to their mom with out your help! Evan and Keith had an eventful day lifting the nest up to the tree and getting the babies situated. The mother Great Horned Owl was watching the whole time and made several flights close to Evan's Head so we appreciate his efforts and courage in taking the risks to getting these babies reunited with their mom. Pictures courtesy of Mac Davis and Evan's Tree Service

Our Heroes!!!

Keith preps the artificial nest (laundry basket)

Evan waiting for the new nest and precious cargo

Evan found a half eaten trout and egg when he arrived at the old nest. Great Horned Owls use old nests from crows and other birds often leading to nest failure like the one here. Once the nest loses stability, the owlets can fall to the ground.

Owlets being transferred into the pouch for the ride up

Evan succesfully places the owlets!

Owlets checking out their new nest

Mom arrives last night - what a great day!

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