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Sunday River Wildlife needs your help year round to fufill our mission of giving Maine's Native Wildlife The Best in Care. Founded in Please take a look at our current programs and opportunites....


Sunday River Wildlife provides medical treatment, supportive care, enrichment, and fostering to orphaned and injured wildlife. We work with a local Veterinary Hospital to get expert advice and treat a wide variety of a clinical prognosis. Our all volunteer team attends national conferences, trainings,  and workshops in order to be current on the latest medical, social, and environmental issues facing Wildlife. SRW is also a member of The National Widlife Rehabilitators Association, The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, The Maine Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, and The Maine Working Bat Group. 

Community and Educational



and Citizen Science

Sign up for our newsletter to be kept informed of our latest Community and Educational Programs. Currently all programs are on hold due to Covid 19. We will be hosting Owl Prowls,Lectures, Fundraising Events,  Classroom Programs, and other Community Events as soon as we are able to do so safely.

SRW is actively involved in Research and Citizen Science. The data for each of our patients is added to to The Wildlife Rehabilitation MD online data base, which connects 811 Wildlife Organizations in 23 countries. Current Citizen Science projects include The Maine Northern Saw-whet Owl Nest Box Monitoring Program, Maine Turtle Roadkill Survey, Big Night Amphibian Migration, and The Great Backyard Bird Count. 




SRW is always looking for help with transport, wildlife care, and maintenance. We currently have a waitlist for volunteer opportunities due to Covid 19. Please complete the contact form below to let us what you would be interested in and we can email you an application.


Release Site


One Health

Sunday River Wildlife staff are Reuniting Specialists! The first choice with any juvenile wildlife is to reunite with parents or members of the same species. While we do our best to help with their development, young patients are always better off with their parents. Check our Found An  Animal Page to learn more....

Sunday River is looking for Release Sites in a variety of habitats for Patients that are ready to be wild and free. This is also a great way to help with Wildlife Monitoring and Citizen  Science.

We are also actively looking for a rural 20 acre lot on which to expand our operations. 

SRW follows One Health  - recognizing the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. Environmental Policy regarding One Health is also one of our outreach programs.


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